Viper Green 1973 911T

Viper Green 1973 911T

Strip down phase to reveal what lies beneath! Under the black G body is a lovely green early 911!

Shiny paint can hide a multitude of sins....

Outer sills removed

Back from chemical stripping, ready to be primed

Lots of issues to rectify!

Poor previously done right hand conversion. Rust everywhere!

The extent of rust necessitated the removal of the entire floor

Major surgery underway!

New floor and old tunnel welded together and ready to go in.

Fuel tank support area coming together.

New left hand inner guard in position

Spotwelds as close to factory as possible

Dylan Tig welding some flange repair sections in

Looking like a car again

The yellow tape signifies areas requiring fettling. The reproduction panels are good but not perfect.

Once the works to the top side are done, the car is moved off the chassis jig and on to a rotisserie to allow access for further welding of the floorpan to the chassis, new ant roll bar mounts etc.

Floor pan ready for body schutz.

Viper Green paint underway!

Re-assembly underway

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