964 Bespoke Build

964 Bespoke Build

The starting point. 964 C2 manual coupe.

Strip down process underway.

There's a lot to remove to get one of these to a bare shell!

Sunroof deleted to save weight.

Adding some extra width. We start with an off the shelf flare and then spend time re-working the edges to make a unique profile.

Sill work necessary to resemble an early 911.

Lots to convert on the chassis of a 964 to make early 911 panels fit and work. The lower front chassis of a 964 is very different to an early 911 and must be significantly modified to work.

Custom 'Ducktail' made in house

Hand formed rear flare & steel bumper profile. Measure, measure, measure!

Left flare & bumper work with correct gaps. An exact match to the right hand flare.

Doing the work on one of our chassis jigs means that we can make it millimetre perfect

Hand formed custom front flare profile and matching bumper, both in steel

New front shocks

New rear shocks

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