Porsche log book servicing of the latest models to the earliest vintage.

We use Genuine and OEM quality parts which are imported direct from Germany. Our servicing & maintenance is conducted by our qualified and highly experienced mechanics.

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Located approximately 7 km south west of the Adelaide CBD, RSR Sports Cars (formerly MP Motorsport) offers a cost effective alternative to Porsche dealer servicing without compromising quality. We use genuine and OEM parts. Our qualified technicians perform minor and major servicing and scheduled maintainance using the latest computer diagniostic equipment.

If your Porsche requires any additional repairs you will be kept up to date during the whole process.

If time permits we ecourarage you to come in and take a look first hand at the internals of your engine or gearbox while apart to see what makes them sing.


We have been busy buying lots of new equipment for our Bodyshop

Having two Global Jig alignment systems and our own spray booth means that we don’t have to outsource work, giving us complete control over our repair and restoration processes. Our services include, but are not limited to; paint touch ups, rust repairs, accident repairs, body modifications and full restorations including chassis alignment.



With the knowledge gained in our extensive motorsport history, we can offer a huge range of services and high performance parts for your Porsche.

With the knowledge gained from our extensive motorsport history we can offer a huge range of services and high-performance parts for your Porsche. Our services include – performance upgrades from street to full race, chassis set up, and vehicle alignment.

Even though the Porsche Marque is known for it's performance, there are many ways we can enhance your vehicle. From;

  • a bolt on air box or exhaust system to complete engine transformations,
  • EFI upgrades from chip to Motec,
  • gearbox ratio changes or LSD conversions which are a great way to increase fun and speed,
  • Suspension upgrades, wheel alignment and corner weights. The possibilities are almost endless.

Many of our customers like to experience the thrill of taking their car to the race track, either with the Porsche Club of SA or on other public track days. We can advise on what needs to be done to your car to make it safe, enjoyable and reliable on the day.


From the basics of fitting a GPS to a turn key race car, we have the facility to handle your project.

Custom Porsche fabrication work, including weld-in or bolt-in roll cages, left/right hand conversions, custom engine installations and gearbox/diff options.

With over 30 years in the motorsport game and having built many race winning cars from scratch, RSR Sportscars offers a comprehensive fabrication service.

  • Bolt in or integrated roll cages
  • Aluminium and Stainless fabrication, tig welding
  • Chassis and suspension augmentation and modification
  • Jig manufacture and spaceframes
  • Fuel, oil, catch tanks
  • L/H to R/H conversions
  • Custom driveline transplants
  • Exhaust systems


Pure style and elegance.

We take the upmost pride in our restoration work and have received many Concours winning trophies for our quality work. We have the equipment, skills, parts and contacts to make your restoration project an absolute standout.

An example of our work is Mark's 1958 Aquamarine 356 A coupe which won 1st outright and Best of Show at the 25th Anniversary 356 National Concours meeting in 2010. This vehicle was not restored as a show pony, we believe they should be driven as intended and not locked away in a shed. This 356 was prepared and used as a dry weather daily driver before the winning show.

At RSR Sportscars we take the utmost care of your pride and joy as if it was one of our own.

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