Our proud heritage started in 1972 when Mark's father Keith Poole established the workshop as a VW/Porsche specialist, Volkrepair. Driving a Volkrepair vehicle, Keith was the Australian Champion in Off Road Racing. He also achieved the same feat in Formula Vee driving an Elfin built vehicle made right next door.

Mark Poole Motorsport was established in 1998 and re-branded as RSR Sportscars in 2015. We are independent Porsche specialists and have the pleasure of working on many varied Porsche powered vehicles, from fresh off the production line new, to tarmac rally cars, historic race cars, concourse winners, daily drivers as well as off road specials and even light aircraft. As such we have an extensive and broad skill set to apply to your pride and joy.

We are not constrained by the red tape of the Porsche procedure manual so we can offer a comprehensive range of services to the highest standards.

Our loyal motorsport customers have won numerous events and championships around Australia in Tarmac Rally and Circuit racing. Our services include, performance upgrades for the street to full race car set-up, custom fabrication, race componentry and alignments.

Another important arm to our business, is our restoration parts and services, from complete ground up re-builds, panels and repairs to simply sourcing new and used spare parts. We are the Australian importer for Simonsen 356 panels and an agent for the Powerlite range of starters and Dynalite units for Porsche vehicles. We have won many Porsche concours awards at car shows due to our attention to detail and precise craftsmanship. A growing part of our business is bespoke builds where we take an air cooled 911 of your choosing and turn it into the car of your dreams.

We have the staff in place to perform any servicing, race preparation, body & mechanical restoration, vehicle modifications, and can provide any advice you may require. Our goal is to look after our clients, provide the best possible experience and foster loyal long term relationships.

We cater for all Porsche models 356, 914, 912, 911, 930, 964, 968, 993, 996, 997, 986, 987, 924, 944, 928, Boxster, Cayman and Cayenne

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Mark Poole


Mark has 35 years expertise in building, maintaining and driving racing cars. He has won many national and international events from open wheeler formula cars, off road, sports cars to V8 Supercar. Current lap record holder for Group NC Touring cars at Mallala (Porsche 911). Porsche cars are his hobby and passion.

Mark Poole - RSR Sport Cars Proprietor


To provide our clients with the absolute best personal service and experience possible, and in turn we hope to maintain an excellent reputation and our customers long term loyal patronage.

To only use the worlds best OEM quality parts and suppliers, and to use the best and most current service and restoration techniques to provide our clients with the highest level products and outcomes available world wide.


John - Tech

Honest and caring, looks after the well being of cars and customers alike. 100% dedicated to servicing your Porsche the way it should be. Brilliant cook and Lederhosen model.

Michael - Tech

AKA 'The Professor' - Mechanical Engineer mildly obsessed with checking tolerances, measuring engine parts and cleaning his work space. Engine and gearbox wizz.

Phil - Tech

His background is Italian but he loves working on German cars! Known for brewing up vast amounts of pasta sauce in 44 gallon drums.

Jay - Tech

Jay is our multitasker and multi hat wearer. Don't ask him to raise his 912's ride height. Known to paint racing helmets in his sleep.

Cam - Office, Parts, Etc.

Bald is beautiful! Badly inflicted with the Porsche bug for the last 15 years. Currently on to his 4th Porsche. Wishes his lap times at Mallalla and The Bend were faster.

Rob - Bodywork

Rob has over 40 years experience in the panel trade with the last 25 in repairing Porsches. His knowledge and craftmanship is excellent. We won't talk about his race car or his ability to talk underwater.

Dylan - Bodywork Foreman

Metal shaper extraordinaire. Often known to fabricate complex repair panels from scratch. Obsesses over panel gaps and sleeps with a hammer and dolly under his pillow.

Neil - Fabricator

Neil is a diehard drag racer and hot rodder. Don't hold that against him. He can race a tig welder around a tank brilliantly.

Mark C - Spray Painter

The quiet achiever. Says little and lets his spray gun do the talking. Lives on salt & vinegar chips.

Max - Apprentice

Max is our newest member of the RSR team. With his grandfather having Porsche racing history back in the day, Max's fate was sealed early on! Does drive a diesel 4WD though for some reason.



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