356 Cabriolet

356 Cabriolet

After strip down the car went on to our chassis jig to check its alignment.

The more we dug into this car the more problems we found. So the decision was made to chemically strip the car.

Lots of poor previous rust repairs revealed, once the paint and filler were removed.

Floors removed and new flanges are fabricated to attached the new floor to.

Prepping for new sills and the heater tubes that sit internally.

Test fitting the alignment of the new floors.

Bottom of the A pillar area. Lots of intersecting panels that have to fit properly with each other.

Test fit of front battery box / internal nose area panels

Inside of front battery box / internal nose area. Great fit from the Simonsen panels we use and sell.

Inner wheel well panels

Hand formed new front guard section

Lots of new repair sections going in.

Right side under way.

Floor pan sections joined and prepped

New fuel and brake lines in the tunnel.

Seat mounts in

Converting back to left hand drive

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