15 & 16 inch Fuchs

Various widths available

911 Brake Upgrade

Convert your original or tired 911 braking system to the latest Boxster calipers set-up. - We are now producing our own Boxster brake conversion to fit early 911 models. These CNC machined adaptors can be supplied as is, in kit form or best option, let us do the work and professionally fit the system for you. Brake pad options are available for your specific application.

Call or send a message with your questions.

911 Parts - Tell us What You Need!

We have plenty of 911 parts in stock and if we don't have it, we can get it here quickly and at a better price than you will find elsewhere.

ATS Cookie Cutter Rims

Used Cookie Cutter rims available in 7 & 8 inch widths

GT2 rims


Featured Part - Speedster Seat

Speedster Seat

Available in steel and aluminium.